Coir Matting

coir matting

Are you looking for a natural matting solution that is environmentally friendly? Coir mats are made from a coconut byproduct used to create natural aesthetically appealing doorway mats. Coir is a dyeable material that comes available in a wide array of fibre sizes and mat heights.

The natural allure of coir matting is further enhanced when exposed to sunlight. Direct exposure gives the mats a weathered and timeless look. With waterproof backing, the mats excel at capturing dirt and moisture from foot traffic. Cleaning a coir mat is as simple as vacuuming or a simple stick beating to remove large clumps of collected debris.

Coir mats are typically placed in front of doorways or other high traffic areas requiring matting. Known for their durability, these mats excel at protecting floor, deck and entryway surfaces.

Anyone seeking out a rug with a natural allure, should consider the environmentally friendly substance of coir. These mats offer a host of benefits including durability, weather resistance and easy maintenance.

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